An awardee of the US Department of Energy’s Offshore Wind: Advanced Technology Demonstration program, Principle Power and its partners have proposed a 30 MW floating offshore wind project approximately 15 miles off the coast of Coos Bay, Oregon. The project will consist of five of Principle Power’s WindFloat floating foundations featuring 6 MW direct drive offshore wind turbines. Located in deep water, the project will be the first offshore wind farm off the West Coast of the United States.

Project Capacity

Five 6MW WindFloat systems, or 30 MW. This is roughly equivalent to the power required for 10–12,000 homes

Distance from Shore

15 – 18 miles.
At this distance, the project will be barely, if at all, visible from shore.

Water Depth

Approximately 350 meters, or 1,200 feet.
It will be located outside of major commercial activities, including fishing and navigation.

Cable Crossing
and Interconnection Point

The cable will be drilled under the beach and interconnect at a location in the North Spit of Coos Bay.

Power Purchaser

WindFloat Pacific is in negotiations for the purchase of the full output of the WindFloat Pacific project.

Final Assembly Location

Oregon International Port of Coos Bay.